Me inspecting a brood frame

Who am I?

I am a Norfolk (UK) based beekeeper. I live near Norwich and have various apiary locations. I am really passionate about honey bees and beekeeping in general. The more that I delve into the honey bee world, the more I marvel at their efforts.

You can read more on this page about me.

What services am I providing?

I have local honey which I sell. I quite enjoy honey on toast but reluctantly sell jars so that others can enjoy the fruit of my bees labour.

If you have some questions about your bees, get in touch on the email below and we can arrange a visit. There are more details about this on my apiary visit page. If you are worried about possible disease in your hives, I am happy to have a look and let you know whether it is better to speak to Fera who have inspectors in our region.

I also collect swarms of bees if they are in locations that are accessible.

You can contact me on